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Education can go a long way towards helping MCOHA’s clients improve their lives and contribute to society. We offer classes that help you learn about and participate in the American culture, as well as training in the computer skills you need to get a good job.

  • Immigrant immersion process Citizenship classes help you learn how to become part of the American culture. They also inform you about what your rights are and help you prepare for the citizenship exam. This program is recommended for all immigrants, regardless of legal status.
  • Computer training program Taking computer classes can improve your life. Classes and materials are available to those who want to learn to use Windows XP, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the Internet. You can earn certificates of achievement when you complete a class.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Learning English can help you communicate in your everyday life. ESL classes are offered weekly, and basic, intermediate and advanced classes are available.
  • Safe Seats Save Lives car seat program You can help protect your children when they are in the car! Sign up for our workshop on highway traffic safety, which is held once a month. You will also receive a voucher for a $5.00 car seat, which will be installed by a certified technician.

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Classes are scheduled throughout the year, at convenient times.
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